Don’t buy new tile.
Is your bathroom tile faded or even worst, dated? You can purchase new tile to be installed or paint it at a fraction of the cost. You may consult a professional at your local home and garden store for advice or try my method. First, clean the floor well and let dry. Remove all dirt and grime. You will then need to coat ceramic tile with a high adhesion primer. Please follow instructions and cure times. The final stage is to coat with the color you prefer with ceramic epoxy covering. The results will amaze you..

Dirty bathrooms are a turn off.
Is your bathroom dirty, with grime on the walls? This will turn a buyer into reverse. My remedy is simple for this problem. Simply open all windows to properly ventilate and spray bleach mixed with water. The mixture is one part bleach to one part water. The grime will disappear before your eyes and you won’t spend a fortune. Next take note of the paint. A new coat of paint with today’s taste in mind will do the trick. This will keep buyers moving in the forward gear.

Toss out that old vanity.
If you go out and tour some of the new home construction models in your area, you’ll notice the use of pedestal sinks now. They are gorgeous and give the bathroom an open, more spacious appearance. Pedestal sinks are also relatively inexpensive. Make your bathroom look like luxury. Double for his and hers, Use web based home design programs to give you an idea before you buy and install.

Make your Master Suite Neutral.
Be careful not to make your master appeal to her more than him or vice versa. Remove all items that are specific to one gender over another. Use neutral paint colors like off white with bright white trim. Choose neutral bedding and curtains as well. Let them both say yes.

Make your fireplace POP.
Do you have an old faded fireplace with an old brass screen? Throw out the screen. Replace it with a new up to date one or just clean the stones or bricks with stone cleaner you may find at Lowes or Home Depot, let dry and coat with a stone color enhancer. Polish to shine.

Don’t buy new cabinets
Are your kitchen cabinets screaming yesterday? Are they dated? Remove knobs and hardware and wipe them down with alcohol. Brush a wood stain color of choice, being careful to make even strokes with the grain. Add your new updated knobs and hardware and be amazed, You are now updated and it didn’t cost you a fortune.

Scrub that shower door.
Does your shower door look grimy with soap scum? This may turn off a buyer. Use Soft Scrub with a scrubbing pad. The results will shock you. As always, follow the cleaning instructions on the product. I have personally used Soft Scrub and liked the results. Others like Scrubbing Bubbles.

Bring in the Stainless Steel.
It seems that most buyers in today’s market are looking for stainless steel appliances. Check in with your local appliance centers and ask if they give discounts on entire set purchases or have scratch and dent sale opportunities. This will cost you some, but a quick sale is worth it. You will want the refrigerator, stove, microwave and dishwasher to make if possible.

Go with Granite.
Shop around to get the best deals. Sometimes you may find left over materials from another job. Learn how to take on the project yourself or ask that handyman if he can get it done. You’ll definitely add value to your home here.

More to Come, Soon.

Tom Smith, the author, is one of the Fredericksburg, VA area’s Top Selling Realtors. He placed 7th in the entire Mid Atlantic Region for his home sales in 2011, 2012 and received the prestigious President’s Award, Centurion Producer and Pinnacle Quality Service. Tom is the authority for Fredericksburg Homes for Sale.


By: Tom Smith
Associate Broker, Century 21 Adventure Redwood