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In today’s market place, it is important to keep your home at the top of the buyer’s list. If your home is dated, you’ll fall down in their ranks and your Fredericksburg home will get stale and not sell.
There are many different ideas on upgrades. Some are costly, while others are rather inexpensive. I chose three for this article that can all be done for less than $5,000.

Open the Kitchen:

Is your kitchen small and crowded? Are there walls that separate the kitchen from the dining room or living room? Back in the 70’s, this layout was popular as being efficient. There’s a simple fix. Hire a professional contractor to take out a wall or two. The contractor will know which walls are load bearing and may even have to install a header. Today’s buyers want to communicate with guest from the kitchen to the dining and living areas.

Enlarge the Closets:

If you home was built prior to 1980, you probably have small closets with one rod. Fredericksburg home buyers are looking for large closets. I’ve noticed buyers pass on homes with small closet space. Did you know there are closet kits you can purchase that give the appearance that your closet is organized and larger? Ask a sales associate at Lowes or Home Depot and they can steer you in the right direction.

Bring the Laundry Area Upstairs:

Older homes with basements were designed to have the washer/dryer installed in the basement. Today’s home buyers don’t want to carry their laundry up and down stairs. There’s a simple fix to this. Designate an upstairs closet as laundry area. Use a front load, stackable washer/dryer and this problem is fixed.
My biggest piece of advice I give my sellers is to tour their home and pretend they are picky buyers. What would concern them? What would they like to see changed? Most of the time, sellers can identify all potential problems and get those updated or fixed prior to listing.
Author, Tom Smith, is a licensed Virginia Real Estate Broker with Century 21 Adventure Redwood in Fredericksburg, VA. His full award winning representation is second to none. He strives to be your life long Real Estate Agent.

By: Tom Smith
Associate Broker, Century 21 Adventure Redwood