Follow these steps from start to finish getting those keys to your perfect, dream home. This information is provided by Tom Smith, Realtor with Century 21 Adventure, Inc. and Fredericksburg Homes for Sale to reduce confusion a home buyer may encounter when buying a home. Your realtor should ensure that each condition is met and assist you through the entire process.

1. Make your decision to purchase a home or property.
2. Contact a full time, full service realtor like myself.
3. Choose your type of Agency. Buyer agency is most common.
4. Get pre-approved with the lender of your choice.
5. Decide what you want in a perfect home. Home style, lot size, location, school district, etc.
6. Have your Realtor search for homes that meet your wants and needs.
7. Meet with your Realtor and preview homes.
8. Discuss and make an offer with your Realtor. Your Realtor will write a contract offer based on your recommendations.
9. Contract Accepted. The clock starts ticking on your contingencies like home inspection, financing, appraisal, etc.
10. Meet with home inspector at property. Home inspector will walk you through the entire inspection and make you aware of any problems.
11. Discuss the home inspection results with your Realtor. What items will you address? Have your realtor write up an addendum with the problems listed to be removed when the items are fixed or repaired.
12. Select your Settlement Company or attorney. You have the right to choose here in Virginia.
13. Request and obtain your final approval from your lender.
14. Get your termite inspection. Your Realtor may set this inspection up for you.
15. Contact all utility companies and advise them of your date of settlement. Be sure you notify them before they disconnect. Usually a simple switch account will waive the connect charge.
16. Obtain Hazard and Home Insurance and notify your lender when this is complete. Your lender may advise you what to request before you call.
17. Contact your Title Company or attorney and ask them what you’ll need to bring to settlement. You may need to obtain a certified check if you are bringing money to the table.
18. Your final walk through. This is usually done just prior to settlement. Check all appliances, plumbing and electrical with your realtor. This is also the time to check and make sure the home inspection items were in fact repaired or replace and satisfied.
19. Settlement. This is your closing. Your Realtor should accompany you at the table. Go over all documents and the settlement statement. Once you determine everything is correct, sign where indicated. A firm hand shake and keys closes the deal.

I hope this helps reduce some confusion and stress. You may call your Fredericksburg Realtor anytime you need full realty service. Enjoy your new home.


By: Tom Smith
Associate Broker, Century 21 Adventure Redwood