Are you thinking about putting your home on the market? I sell Fredericksburg Homes for Sale. I work with sellers every day. My job is to get sellers mentally and physically prepared to sell their home. Sellers go through a wide array of emotions when getting ready for their sale. They feel excited, happy, and sad. Some are worried with the upcoming transaction. Let’s attack each of these emotions now. It’s okay to feel excited. Just remember to always plan for the worst and face the better. Happy is great. Be ready for the home to be shown multiple times before you get an offer. Remember, if your Realtor is experienced and recommends a selling price, it will be priced to sell. There are many factors that may affect how long it will be on the market before you get a contract. Some sellers feel sad. They are selling their home, not just a piece of property. I understand this frame of thought. This home shares many memories with the family. Maybe this is where they raised their children, celebrated all the holidays or took much pride of ownership. Relax. When you sell your home, those that will purchase it will more than likely fall in love with the same features you liked when you purchased. Think about the advantages or upgrades you will have with your new home. The remaining sellers get worried. Are they going to get what they need? Is now the right time to sell? How long will it take? I want to nip this emotion in the bud now. If you hire an experienced Realtor that specializes in selling Fredericksburg Homes, you will get full service representation from start to finish. A good agent advises the seller to just relax and let them take the ball and run with it. You will have to accommodate the buyers that need to tour. I like to suggest a call ahead, so you can tidy up. Store all your valuables away in a safe place and remove anything personal to you in site. Hopefully, knowing that you will be taken care of will grant you the relaxation and peace of mind you deserve.

Five Seller Tips:

· Make a List: First and foremost, write down the features that you fell in love with when you purchased. The next buyers may like those too. Write down all the names of the contractors and utility companies you have or used in the past. Also, note the current utility and tax expenses. Buyers will want to know how much it will cost on an average each month to cool and heat the home.
· Fix your Home: Fix all problems prior to putting your home on the market. The buyers will more than likely get a home inspection that will announce the problem. Beat them to the punch. Your home will look better and inspect problem free. I’ve witnessed buyers walk away from a purchase because their inspector found a leak. They got worried that the leak may have caused other problems.
· Get Ready to Move: It’s time to get organized. You need to put together a plan on what to pack and where. Remember, less is more. Remove the clutter and open up. Replace all light bulbs with the brightest that the appliance can handle. Bright is good. Touch up and paint where needed. The hot paint colors for today’s buyers seems to be antique white or cool platinum with bright white doors and trim.
· Stage Your Home: I suggest to my clients to leave their home and then return with their mind set that they are potential buyers. Notice the curb appeal when you pull up. How’s the landscape? Is the lawn cut and neat? Do you see something that you don’t like? Note this now. Walk through the door you will want buyers to enter. Use your three senses here. Site, smell and sound. How does it smell? Musty, smoke, or pet odors are not good. Look around and take note of the things you like and dislike. The entrance is very important. This is the first impression of the home’s interior. Go through your home just as a buyer would and take notes on possible improvements. This technique will be your ace in the hole. Take a tour of some of your large builder models and get ideas on their décor. They spent thousands getting their homes show ready. Who knows, you make fall in love and want to purchase that home.
· Clean, Clean, Clean: Pay to have you home cleaned by a professional. Clean everything. Get your home as close to a show room as possible. You will blow away the competition with this. I’ve witnessed some buyers refusing to walk through the front door of a dirty home. Put out a little sent associated with the season you’ll be selling. Vanilla scents work great in the summer and cinnamon in the winter or bake some cookies just before a showing. You may also place a lemon in your garbage disposer and grind it to refresh the kitchen. Put down all toilet seats and open all the shades to let light it.
To summarize, remember to think positive and place your worries with your Realtor. I placed 7th of all Century 21 agents in the entire Mid-Atlantic region last year with my home sales. That area covers four states. My secret to success is simple. Treat each and every person with respect. I understand that the home I’m selling is important to the seller. I treat it like it belongs to me. I advertise the home to the world. I’m also very picky with presentation. I prefer to have everything in order before I photograph. I even wait for a nice, bright and sunny day. The world will see these images of your home. Don’t have buyers discount your home or pass it by because it was not presented properly. Get your agent to give you a seller’s estimated cost of settlement or sale. You want to request three quotes. Get a best case, an average and a worst case scenario. This will prepare you for your upcoming expenses. Get informed.

I’m a licensed Real Estate Agent with Century 21 Adventure, Inc. and Fredericksburg Homes for Sale. I want to exceed all your expectations with your home sale. You may call on me anytime. Just remember, I will not stop until you are satisfied. I want to be your life long Realtor. My award winning service will be your reward. My reward will be your recommendation of me to friends and family that may future real estate services.

By: Tom Smith
Associate Broker, Century 21 Adventure Redwood