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Fredericksburg Homes Realty is for those wanting the best residential living that Fredericksburg, VA. and the surrounding area has to offer.  Fredericksburg is rich with history that dates back well into the 1700’s as well as lavish modern day luxury living.

Over the past decade, Fredericksburg has seen transformations where older homes and communities have been torn down or remodeled to make way for upscale luxury built homes.

Fredericksburg is well known in history for the location of our first President George Washington’s boyhood home at Ferry Farm.  George Washington’s mother, Martha Washington and sister, Betty Washington lived in the city.  During the Civil War, Fredericksburg was the location of a major battle between the North and South. The Confederate forces gained the high ground in December, 1862 over the city and a fierce battle ensued. The Confederacy won the battle. The city suffered major damage as the historic downtown area was at the center of this famous battle. The recent movie, “Gods and Generals” describes this event with great detail. Today, the Fredericksburg Historic District consists of a 40 block area and 350 homes dating back to the 18th and 19th centuries. Each summer, crowds of tourists visit Fredericksburg to enjoy and learn its fascinating history.

Fredericksburg is home to several major commercial shopping sites like Central Park, Spotsylvania Towne Center and Cosner’s Corner. This area is also home to the University of Mary Washington, a well known and desired college. There are several major hospitals here like Mary Washington, Stafford Regional and Spotsylvania Regional Medical Center. Commuters love the location because the main hub for Northern Virginia and Washington D.C. travel is on Interstate 95, which runs right through Fredericksburg. Home buyers have learned that they can get the best bang for their buck by living near Fredericksburg and commuting to their work locations rather than buy more expensive real estate in highly congested areas.