Home Staging Tips

     Homes for sale in Fredericksburg are more attractive to buyers when staged. The way you have arranged your home is what makes it your home.  Buyers in Fredericksburg however, need to be able to imagine themselves living in your house. The best way to set up an atmosphere fit for the imagination is to remove your personal touches. The more general and open your house appears to be, the easier it is for a buyer to picture their own scene coming to life within your walls. I’ve put together some staging tips that don’t require a lot of money or time but make a huge difference in how a house will show.

     One thing I’ve learned after showing hundreds of homes is that a buyer instantly knows if your house is a possibility for them. First impressions are key and make all the difference in the world. It never hurts to spruce up the front yard. Make sure there are bulbs in all of your outdoor lighting. Trim bushes and pull weeds. Does the asphalt need resealing? Keep the grass cut and make sure the yard is tidy. A colored door can really make a house pop. A glossy finish will also enhance the curb appeal.

     Make sure the entry way of your home is completely clear of clutter. Consider adding a plant. Buying fresh flowers can become too expensive.

     People often want to see the kitchen first. Kitchens should always be spotless and odor free. A bowl of fruit adds to the beauty of a kitchen and can actually be eaten by your family later.  Remember, the buyer needs to imagine their own family’s traditional cooking happening in that area, so it’s not necessary for the lingering smells of this morning’s bacon to flow through the air.

     Keep the bathrooms clean. Provide nice clean towels and soap. Don’t have anything in your medicine cabinet that buyers shouldn’t see. They will open them. Now might be a good time to change out the medicine cabinet to a more updated style. Keep all of the toilet seats down!

     Clear your closets the best you can. All buyers are looking for spacious closets.

     I always recommend removing at least one quarter of the furniture throughout the house.

     Clear out the clutter, books, family pictures, diplomas and religious items from the house. These things make it your home, not theirs.

     Lighting is so important throughout the home. Change all of your light bulbs to the brightest wattage you can safely use. A bright house is a happy house.  

Fredericksburg Homes Staging Tips provided by:

Tom SmithAssociate Broker

Fredericksburg Realty LLC
Fredericksburg, VA.