Fredericksburg Agricultural Fair at Night

The Fredericksburg Agricultural Fair of 2015 runs through this Sunday, August 9th. Boy has it changed since the days of my youth. It seems that a new company, Deggeler Attractions, has taken over the midway boasting many new thrill rides and games that could easily rival those of the state fair.

     Looking around at the Zipper, the Viper and Zero Gravity, my kids didn't know where to run to first. Then I noticed the new pavilion with actual seats at the pageant arena. Where did that come from? I remember sitting on hard bleachers in the beaming sun for hours listening to Bob sing "Under the Boardwalk" between beauty pageants. And the beautiful landscaping all over the fairgrounds is definitely a new touch.

     With so much to see inside the air conditioned buildings, it took longer than I expected to get through them. Some special booths that captured our attention were the display of bugs put on by the Master Gardener volunteers for Va Tech, and the elaborate train tracks and carnival display run by the Rappahannock Model Railroaders Club.

     Though I didn't make it out to the mud bog, I did see a comedic hypnotist that was absolutely hilarious! The smell of the fair-food-air reminded me of Templeton the Rat from Charlotte's Web. I too, rolled home like Templeton after sampling the best root beer I've ever tasted, the fried Oreos, red velvet funnel cake and a whole bag of kettle corn.

     The Fredericksburg Agricultural Fair may be the oldest in America complete with homemakers' contests and animals, but it certainly sets the standard for an enjoyable event for the entire family.