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May 31, 2016

Fredericksburg Real Estate April 2016 Market Report

Fredericksburg Real Estate Market Chart


The total sold volume in Fredericksburg, VA in April of this year was $138,267,056. That was a 20.36% increase from last year at $114,874,142. The average sold price was $285,676. Last year the average sold price was $277,474. The price increased by 2.96%. The median sold price was $268,500, increased by last years price of $251,500 or 6.76%. The amount of units sold was 484. Last year there were 414 or an increase of 16.91%. The average days on the market was 85, compared to last year at 81 or 4.94% longer. The average list price for sold units was $291,223, up from last year at $283,798 or 2.62%. The average sold price compared to original list price was 95.6%, which  was about the same as last year.

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Feb. 7, 2016

Fredericksburg Realty Yearly Home Market Update - 2015

Welcome to the Fredericksburg Realty end of year Fredericksburg home sales market report for 2015. Please see the image below and information brought to you directly from Real Estate Business Intelligence. The real estate market in Fredericksburg, VA is improving based on a year over year study. This update covers the Fredericksburg Area Association of Realtors coverage area, which is the City of Fredericksburg and the counties of Spotsylvania, Stafford, King George and Caroline.


Here at Fredericksburg Realty at Coldwell Banker Elite, we strive to be your number one source for all Fredericksburg real estate matters. If you need a more detailed neighborhood study, feel free to contact us today.

Fredericksburg Real Estate 2015 Market Report

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Dec. 6, 2015

Fredericksburg Area in a Buyer’s Market

Fredericksburg Real Estate Buyers Market

Fredericksburg, VA. Homebuyers are finding themselves in a favorable market. Inventory is up and buyer numbers are down. Buyers have many different homes to choose from and seem to have the power of negotiation on their side.

Fredericksburg sellers are seeing longer listing to contract periods and less showings than last summer. This is creating prices to reduce, especially when competition lowers price to sell.

Fredericksburg home sellers need to get their home to the top of the charts to sell quickly in this market. Get your home in showroom condition and price it to sell. Your Realtor will recommend the proper selling price. Pay close attention to your competition. If they drop their price, you may have to drop as well to get the showing.

Homebuyers should remain aggressive. Advise your agent to set you up with a hot search. The second a property hits the market; you should have it in your email. Trust your Realtor to guide you through the entire process.

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Aug. 24, 2015

Fredericksburg Homes Staging Tips

Home Staging Tips

     Homes for sale in Fredericksburg are more attractive to buyers when staged. The way you have arranged your home is what makes it your home.  Buyers in Fredericksburg however, need to be able to imagine themselves living in your house. The best way to set up an atmosphere fit for the imagination is to remove your personal touches. The more general and open your house appears to be, the easier it is for a buyer to picture their own scene coming to life within your walls. I’ve put together some staging tips that don’t require a lot of money or time but make a huge difference in how a house will show.

     One thing I’ve learned after showing hundreds of homes is that a buyer instantly knows if your house is a possibility for them. First impressions are key and make all the difference in the world. It never hurts to spruce up the front yard. Make sure there are bulbs in all of your outdoor lighting. Trim bushes and pull weeds. Does the asphalt need resealing? Keep the grass cut and make sure the yard is tidy. A colored door can really make a house pop. A glossy finish will also enhance the curb appeal.

     Make sure the entry way of your home is completely clear of clutter. Consider adding a plant. Buying fresh flowers can become too expensive.

     People often want to see the kitchen first. Kitchens should always be spotless and odor free. A bowl of fruit adds to the beauty of a kitchen and can actually be eaten by your family later.  Remember, the buyer needs to imagine their own family’s traditional cooking happening in that area, so it’s not necessary for the lingering smells of this morning’s bacon to flow through the air.

     Keep the bathrooms clean. Provide nice clean towels and soap. Don’t have anything in your medicine cabinet that buyers shouldn’t see. They will open them. Now might be a good time to change out the medicine cabinet to a more updated style. Keep all of the toilet seats down!

     Clear your closets the best you can. All buyers are looking for spacious closets.

     I always recommend removing at least one quarter of the furniture throughout the house.

     Clear out the clutter, books, family pictures, diplomas and religious items from the house. These things make it your home, not theirs.

     Lighting is so important throughout the home. Change all of your light bulbs to the brightest wattage you can safely use. A bright house is a happy house.  

Fredericksburg Homes Staging Tips provided by:

Tom SmithAssociate Broker

Fredericksburg Realty LLC
Fredericksburg, VA.



Aug. 16, 2015

Fredericksburg Real Estate Market Report July, 2015

Fredericksburg Realty LLC offers a monthly insight in the real estate market conditions for the Fredericksburg VA and surrounding areas of Spotsylvania, Stafford, King George and Caroline Counties. The image below is brought to you by Real Estate Business Intellegence or RBI. 

Fredericksburg Real Estate Market Report Image July, 2015

Tom Smith, author of this blog, is a Licensed Virginia Associate Broker and owner of Fredericksburg Realty LLC at Coldwell Banker Elite. Tom is an award winning real estate service provider in full, one on one real estate representation for Fredericksburg, Spotsylvania, Stafford, King George and Caroline Counties in VA.

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Aug. 6, 2015

Fredericksburg Agricultural Fair

Fredericksburg Agricultural Fair at Night

The Fredericksburg Agricultural Fair of 2015 runs through this Sunday, August 9th. Boy has it changed since the days of my youth. It seems that a new company, Deggeler Attractions, has taken over the midway boasting many new thrill rides and games that could easily rival those of the state fair.

     Looking around at the Zipper, the Viper and Zero Gravity, my kids didn't know where to run to first. Then I noticed the new pavilion with actual seats at the pageant arena. Where did that come from? I remember sitting on hard bleachers in the beaming sun for hours listening to Bob sing "Under the Boardwalk" between beauty pageants. And the beautiful landscaping all over the fairgrounds is definitely a new touch.

     With so much to see inside the air conditioned buildings, it took longer than I expected to get through them. Some special booths that captured our attention were the display of bugs put on by the Master Gardener volunteers for Va Tech, and the elaborate train tracks and carnival display run by the Rappahannock Model Railroaders Club.

     Though I didn't make it out to the mud bog, I did see a comedic hypnotist that was absolutely hilarious! The smell of the fair-food-air reminded me of Templeton the Rat from Charlotte's Web. I too, rolled home like Templeton after sampling the best root beer I've ever tasted, the fried Oreos, red velvet funnel cake and a whole bag of kettle corn.

     The Fredericksburg Agricultural Fair may be the oldest in America complete with homemakers' contests and animals, but it certainly sets the standard for an enjoyable event for the entire family.

June 15, 2015

Portobago Bay Offers it All

What's your dream community?  For me and my family, it’s Portobago Bay. This lovely Rappahannock River waterfront community is located just 5 miles south of the town of Port Royal, or 23 minutes from Cosner’s Corner and less than 30 minutes from the Dahlgren Naval Base. We are just far enough out to enjoy the peace and quiet of the country life.

I have been a resident of Portobago Bay since 2000. We built our home here in 2004. Since then, just when we think we’ve seen and done it all, we discover another feature that Portobago Bay has to offer. We love the views across the wide Rappahannock River, the quiet walks around the three-mile circle, the community gatherings at the pavilion, the annual Easter egg hunt, the Memorial Day picnic, the Independence Day cookout, the Summer Regatta, the crab feasts and the annual Trunk or Treat. Portobago Bay started out by drawing interest in 1985 from those looking to retire. Portobago Bay now has residents of all ages. Many families with small children call this place home.

Portobago Bay Largemouth Bass

I recently had the opportunity to take my children out fishing in this community. I took my 11-year-old son, Thomas, out to Lake Powhatan for his first fishing trip with artificial baits. His first cast with a plastic worm yielded a 4 lb. largemouth bass. After several photos, he released the fish back into the lake. Not to let her brother out do her, my daughter, Rachel had me take her cat fishing at the dock. We dug some worms and went fishing. Within a couple of minutes, her rod bowed and she reeled in a perfect eating sized blue catfish. Before long, she had a stringer full. I cleaned them right on the dock at the fish cleaning station. We took them home and cooked them for dinner. We've made so many wonderful memories here.

Portobago Bay Cat Fish on stringer


Portobago Bay has real estate opportunities. I’m considered the top resource for Portobago Bay homes for sale. The homes here are gorgeous with Williamsburg styles and colors. No two are alike. If you are in the market for a new home,  you may want to consider touring the Bay. My family and I would love to have you as our neighbors. Call Tom at 804-513-9179.


June 6, 2015

Fredericksburg Second Quarter Market Report

Fredericksburg real estate market report second quarter

The median sold sales price for homes in the Fredericksburg, VA area from March, 2015 to June, 2015 was $240,000. This was based on the property sales of 293 units. The median sales price was down 7.7% of that of last year at this time period. The average price per square foot on finished space was $146. Real estate sales numbers decreased 47.6%. The average list price for homes in the Fredericksburg area is $390,682 for the first week in June. This showed a slight increase in that of the week prior. This slow start may be an indication that buyers haven't started hitting the streets and inventory is still low. I predict activity to pick up following the area school graduations and when schools let out for summer vacations.

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May 11, 2015

Why Won’t My Fredericksburg House Sell?

Why Won't my Fredericksburg Home Sell Article Image

Are you a Fredericksburg home owner with your home on the market? Are you viewing other properties around your residence selling while yours is getting stagnant? Are you losing your patience? If you answered yes to any of these questions you will need to read on.

I understand your frustrations. Every day your home doesn't sell, you’ll have to get up the next morning and tidy up the home for the possibility of showings while you are at work. You find that your lifestyle is put on hold until you sell or at least get a contract on your home.

You need to determine why the home is not selling.

 The largest factor is price. Get your REALTOR to perform a recent Comparative Market Analysis on your property or get it appraised by a licensed appraiser. Your home needs to be priced accordingly to compete with other similar homes in your area.

The second factor is exposure. When I list a Fredericksburg home, I list it on as many realty sites as I can to get my clients maximum exposure. This process takes much time because some sites only take manual submissions. The world needs to know your home is for sale, not just your community. Make sure a sign is placed in your yard with a flyer box near. Some buyers don’t want to contact your agent right away, but will take information out of the box. I set up an agent preview on the wide screen at my office so that no matter where your home is located, the entire office of agents will get a preview. Public open houses and broker open houses may help as well. My agent preview seems to get me better results. 

The last factor is condition or problems. I tour my client’s home prior to the official listing. I begin my observations as soon as I pull in the driveway. I’m on the lookout for problems. I use my three senses of sight, sound and smell. If I see anything that may prevent my clients from getting an offer, I address it right then and there. If your home is already listed and you don’t want to call your agent, ask a friend to stop by and tour it for you just as if they are buyers. Make sure you tell them to hold nothing back. If something is noticed, get if fixed. There may be other similar properties out there for sale. It would be a shame if there was a small issue causing buyers concern and reservation, ending in them choosing the other home.

The real estate market in Fredericksburg is hot. There are many homes currently active out there. The key is to get your home in first place. You will also need to make it easy for buyers to view your home. Hopefully you may now know why your home in Fredericksburg won't sell. If you are in the market to sell your home soon, give me a call and I will be happy to walk you through the entire process. I’m an old fashion full service REALTOR that uses the latest tools and updated information to get the job done for you faster for the most money in your pocket. You deserve the BEST.

Tom Smith is a Licensed Virginia Associate Broker and Active Real Estate Agent with Fredericksburg Homes Realty – Century 21 Redwood. He has won numerous customer satisfaction awards over the past years. Tom is a lifelong Fredericksburg area resident and a retired law enforcement officer.


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May 10, 2015

Fredericksburg Homes Realty Community Spotlight – Portobago Bay

Portobago Bay sign at entrance

Portobago Bay is an exquisite waterfront community on the wide Rappahannock River just south of Port Royal, VA along the Rt. 17 corridor. This neighborhood consists of 104 lots, most which are already built on. Carl D. Silver developed this community back in 1985. It soon became desired by retirees. The lots sold quickly due to the rare wide panoramic water views across the wide bay area. This is my home community.

I bought my lot in 2000 and built my home along the quiet tidal Portobago Creek in 2004. Back then, our nearest large box stores were either in Fredericksburg at the Central Park area or Tappahannock, VA. Since then, we saw new commercial development at Cosner’s Corner, large box stores and a new hospital and now the soon to open Rt. 17 Virginia Railway Express.  These newer locations are only about 20 or so minutes travel on Rt. 17 now. There’s even talk of future development in the New Post area. Now we can enjoy the beautiful sights and sounds of the river life and be close enough to shopping to be convenient. My children attend Fredericksburg Christian School. This upper school campus is located just west of New Post or 20 minutes from the Bay. 

We do residents love to live in Portobago Bay? It is quiet and beautiful. All the farm land surrounding the community is placed in a conservation easement. The west end of Portobago Bay is owned by Fort A.P. Hill. This area will not change. What you see is what you will continue to see. It’s very disturbing to locate a beautiful property and watch it develop over time to change the setting completely. I love the security here that it won’t change.  Residents love the three mile circle around the bay. This state road has a 25 mph speed limit. We love to walk, bike ride or jog around this circle. My children love to stop by the Seller’s residence to feed the horses. The Sellers located here before the community was formed. They are allowed to have fenced horses there. Mrs. Sellers will come out and give the children carrots so they can feed these beautiful horses. There are always friends along the trail to stop and converse for a much needed rest. We love the commons areas which consist of the pavilion, sandy beach, long dock, pier, and concrete boat ramp and Lake Powhatan. We gather several times a year for cookouts and gatherings at the pavilion. We recently upgraded our bulkhead at the beach to allow a full wide unobstructed view of the Rappahannock River. Sometimes we may take for granted just how fortunate we are. Bald Eagles and ospreys are everywhere. While others hear traffic and horns, we listen to the frogs, ducks, geese, eagles, ospreys and other wildlife. We are blessed here. My family loves fishing at the end of the pier. Sometimes we catch and release. Other times we catch dinner. The bay and lake has an abundant fishery. You can catch catfish, bass, perch, stripers and crappie on the river or largemouth bass, bream and crappie in the aerated lake. The bay is tidal with water depth that varies from an average of 3 to 5 feet with deeper areas along the south shoreline. This keeps noisy boats and high water traffic at a minimum.  My family just started kayaking. This area is perfect to those types of water sports. Smaller power boats can be launched at the boat ramp. Remember to watch the tides and charts to navigate. Once you get in the channel on the eastern side of the bay, you may go all the way to Fredericksburg if you go up the river or all the way to the Chesapeake Bay if you go down stream.

Real estate opportunities are few, though some of our residents work or are stationed at the Dahlgren Naval Base. When they relocate, a property comes available. Others move to Florida or other areas for their last retirement location. I recently had the opportunity to list a gorgeous Williamsburg style main level living rambler on a large open green yard. This home has it all. I have listed many homes in the past. This may be one of the cleanest properties I’ve ever had the privilege of selling. This home is priced to sell fast. View the details here, or watch the Youtube video at“Complimentary lunch at Port Royal’s River Haven Restaurant offered to qualified buyers shown the property. ($20.00 value).
 Contact 804-513-9179 for appointment and details” 

Tom Smith is a Virginia Licensed Associate Broker with Fredericksburg Homes Realty – Century 21 Redwood. He is one of the top Fredericksburg real estate agents based on his sales and production. He has received numerous customer quality service awards. Tom is a life long area resident and wants to be your local realty connection. Call Tom at 804.513.9179.